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About 明升投注

As a unique environmental technology provider who penetrated into Asian and European markets for over 20 years, we provide proven state-of-the-art environmental solutions at affordable prices to our clients with our leading technology, long-established international souring channels, and experience in complete systems and project management.


注册送彩金平台注册网站 Business Unit provides one-station solutions for solid waste/ liquid/gases with high-temperature thermal oxidization treatment, flue gas and VOCs exhaust gas collection and cleaning, vapor collection and recovery, water and wastewater treatment plant for industrial users.


Municipal Solutions

Municipal Solutions Business Unit focuses on providing comprehensive solutions of organic waste treatment, developing organic waste dry fermentation, organic waste bio-drying and composting, sludge deep de-watering, general solid waste recirculation and combustible waste gasification for energy production with the advanced technology introduced from Europe based on the waste characteristics and disposal needs.



注册送彩金平台app下载中心 Business Unit provides clients with comprehensive solutions of waste management with commitment to consolidating industrial plant environmental management system, providing investment, build and operation services for waste treatment plant (such as PPP / BOO / BOT).



The composite material manufacturing center is located in China and has its own R&D and design center. Many years of experience in the design and manufacture of FRP, thermoplastics and advanced composites. 明升投注  composites are manufactured in accordance with European design processes and standards, and are certified by TuV according to German DVS standards.


Why 明升投注

Turnkey Solutions

Instead of turning to the “one size fits all” solution, 明升投注 provides customized solutions for our clients.

Advanced Technologies from Europe

明升投注 is a German-originated group with decades of research and development experience from Europe, who has hundreds of core technologies and dozens of patents from home and abroad.

Rich Experience in Project Implementation

明升投注 has more than 300 high-temperature incineration records globally. The emission limits are far below the EU standards.

High Project Standard

We have established long-term partnership with world's top 500 enterprises by delivering project performance with high standards to meet increasingly strict environmental requirements.

High Client Retention Rate

Over 70% client retention rate demonstrates 明升投注’s technical strength, product quality and superior service.

High-quality resources localization

Combining the high-quality localization advantages of talents, R&D and supply chain, we provide more economical yet more reliable industrial waste treatment solutions that suit national conditions.


注册送彩金平台官网平台 is the core of its corporate spirit, reflecting not only in the high standards and dedication to excellence in products and services but also in a deep understanding and innovation of technology, attention to details, knowledge transfer, and teamwork. This culture not only inspire 明升投注er to keep innovating, but also ensures 明升投注's leadership in providing environmental solutions and its continuous innovation capability.


About 明升投注

明升投注 is a German-originated group entered the China market in 2001, who provides turnkey solutions to our industrial and municipal clients with a proven track record in providing turnkey solutions in the field of environmental technology system, composite process equipment and general contracting.


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